Modelling Pics - My New Prada Fringed Hobo !!

  1. It arrived and I am in LOVE :yahoo:-- the drape is amazing, the little fringey things in person are like feathers or fur. I have gotten SO many compliments on this bag -- always wore a great deal of black in the summer anyway and picked up a pair of the patent buckle wedges at Neimans too.

    Hope the pics are good enough -- I also got one of the ebony broken heart tricks as I'd fallen in love with that in Bangkok and have a bracelet on the same theme.
    bag2.jpg bag4.jpg
  2. Here's a better full on shot of it -- easier to see !!
  3. Congrats- it's so unique! The leather looks simply divine :drool:
  4. WOW!!!
    I love it. Congratulations!
  5. congrats!!
  6. Congratulations - look great!
  7. Wow! Beautiful and very cool! Agree on the fringe - loved the way it felt!! Thanks for the fun pics!
  8. Congrats. =)
  9. Wow!! What a bag!! Congrats!!!
  10. I think that bag is so cool! Enjoy!! :yes:
  11. Thanks everyone !! Side note, I did get the Henry Beguelin woven bag too and it was a tad big -- so took that back. One great handbag at a time -- I enjoy them more that way, I think.
  12. this bag looks great! i have been trying to figure out if the fringe fall the same way with this hobo style and the tote. i saw in the celebrity thread that the a couple of black totes carried by madonna and one of the olsens have this kind of fringe, compared to the "centre parting" look fringe that victoria beckham carried. any idea?
  13. Oh Wow Congratulations.
  14. Very unique bag - congrats:smile: