modelling pics: Belle de Jour & Chyc

  1. Both beautiful, classy choices. Thanks for sharing
  2. love them both!!!!!
  3. Love the Cabas Chyc! For reference, what's your height? I'm 5'6 (169cm) and I'm trying to decide between a medium or large. I don't want anything that is too oversized. Thanks in advance =)
  4. I'm 5'5 :smile:
  5. Is that the medium or regular size? I'm having trouble comparing the different BDJ sizes.
  6. Wow, I've kind of ignored the Belle du jour clutch but :heart:
  7. It's the large BdJ (so I guess it's the regular size):smile:
  8. You and your bags look stunning!
  9. We are bag twins!!! I have the large cabas chyc and the BDJ clutch except I have them in sepia/grey & I love them to death. You look Fab!!!
  10. Your bags are AMAAAAZING!!! :loveeyes: (I just bought the belle de jour, and your pictures were one of the reasons I decided to purchase!)
    I also love your outfit, very classic!
  11. beautiful! love them both :smile:
  12. beautiful collection:graucho: