modelling pics: Belle de Jour & Chyc

  1. Hey guys!
    Just wanted to show you my first YSL bags! I saw a really nice large Cabas Chyc in dark blue (not that bright blue Miranda Kerr has) at Möller & Schaar in Goethestraße, Frankfurt but then I decited I wanted something really classy (I mean black goes with everything I think) Soo here are my bags: Both bags are in the large size. Maybe it could help if you're in a size issue:biggrin:

    Sorry for the quality but I'm in a hurry right now and made these with my macbook
    Foto am 06-08-2012 um 14.30.jpg Foto am 06-08-2012 um 14.34 #3.jpg Foto am 06-08-2012 um 14.37 #5.jpg Foto am 06-08-2012 um 14.39 #2.jpg Foto am 06-08-2012 um 14.39.jpg
  2. They both look stunning!
  3. :love: great classic and timeless pieces.
  4. both look stunning on you! Thanks for the mod pics!
  5. thanks for mod pics, they both look so elegant, you carry them so well , wow
  6. That large cabas chyc is so adorable!!! How tall are u if u dont mind me asking?

    I wanted to buy a mini because i thought its going to be a little smaller than what you were carrying in that pic, but it seems that mini is going to be really small. Or maybe you are just tall XD
  7. Thank you everyone!!
  8. haha! No, I'm actually not that tall..I'm 5'5 :biggrin: I think the large one is quite a big bag (it's 40 cm long:graucho:)
  9. Me likey.
  10. Congrats love both! Thanks for the pictures!
  11. Where's the like button?...Congrats!
  12. gorgeous!!!!!!:ps:
  13. Fantastic pieces!! The clutch is stunning and I think the Cabas Chyc is seriously becoming my new obsession...
  14. Thank you!:giggles:

    If someone's interested in a size comparison...I found modeling pics from both mini and medium Cabas Chyc :

    and medium
  15. Absolutely fabulous. And what a figure you have. Grrr, lol. I love the Chyc. I get my poppy red in december woohoo.