Modeling your HERMES CLUTCH!!!

  1. I studied the HERMES reference library but I don't feel fulfilled!!!:crybaby:
    I love the jige clutch and the kelly clutch!!! I would love to see what the clutches look like being modeled!!:idea:

    CAN'T WAIT TO :drool:!!!!!!!!!
    I want a Hermes clutch and maybe this will help me narrow this down!! THANKS :graucho:
  2. :popcorn:
    Great thread Minnie!

    Cant wait to see the pics.
  3. Fantastic thread Minnie!
  4. Oh, I love clutches and Jiges are my favorites!! I want one in every color :girlsigh:so far I'm only up to two but I'm still counting, lol.

    A Rouge H Jige PM in Box and Orange Epsom Jige Elan
    hia2.jpg JigeE.jpg
  5. ^ Lovely, icechick! :nuts:
  6. And Kelly Longue in Rose Dragee Swift, love her!!
  7. Thanks Christina, now where is your gorgeous Karo?? :nuts:
  8. Right here :graucho:

    Karo GM in Brighton Blue chevre mysore :heart:

  9. man i think i want a karo. need to save up.

    icechick is that your bathroom? you look fab in all your pics! love the clutches and love the shoes!! all the outfits are so cute!

    christina you're adorable and the bb is GORGY!
  10. :girlsigh: Fabulous!!
  11. Kelly Elan......:heart:
    Elan&Lou.jpg Elan&me1.jpg
  12. Lydie
    avatar.jpg a1-4.jpg
  13. Ice chick , you are such a great model!!!!
    Christina!!! BRIGHT BLUE is a lovely color
    S'MOM i thought I wanted a jige and now I am torn, they Kelly Elan is :drool:

    How many different Jiges are there??!?
    How many different kelly clutchs???
    What are the prices on the bags.. THANKS!!

    More pics PLEASE!!
  14. I can't stop coming back to look at the rose dragee!!!
  15. S'MOM, I love your Kelly Elan. Is it black or indigo, box leather?