Modeling Westminster GM

  1. Hope you like! :ty:
    252674_10150946942542913_151515381_n.jpg 428952_10150964456442913_426659546_n.jpg
  2. You look great! Beautiful bag!!! :smile:
  3. Love your photos!!! Thanks for sharing!
  4. Nice mod epics and pretty bag!
  5. Very pretty bag! Great mod pics :smile: congrats!
  6. beautiful bag westminster GM! :tup:
  7. Great pics and bag! Love your aviators, too - they look very nice on you!
  8. love it!! :biggrin:
  9. Very beautiful! The bag as well :smile:
  10. Love it! I am going to the LV store tomorrow and this is one of the bags on my list. Is it comfy to carry? I am afraid it may be too stiff for comfort.
  11. Fabulous!!! Love it!!
  12. Once again..u look absolutely adorable...
  13. Love your pics! Nice bag !! 
  14. You look fabulous! I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. look great.