Modeling thread

  1. I can only deside if i like a bag when i see it on someone. I know there are a lot of pics allready on here but I can't find them all even if I do a search. So maybe we can make a modeling thread?

    Show your new or old LV when you are carrying it.

    Thanks a lot I hope other people will enjoy this too! I sure will! xXx
  2. i think u can see lots of photos on the Visual Aid thread....
  3. Go here and do a "search in this thread" for the bag you want to see. There are tons of modeling pics in that thread!
  4. Yes, you click on "LV REFERENCE LIBRARY" at the top and then you will see the thread for the visual aids there....they're ALL there!! :smile:
  5. thanks a lot!

    Now I'm gonna be very busy the next few hours looking at all the prettyness here! lol