Modeling the Mat Fowler

  1. Hey bluekit! Here ya go! :smile: Hope this helps!
  2.'s pretty good size,

    is it still available in store?
  3. CUTE! It is bigger than I thought.
  4. Did I tell you you're the best? :yahoo: Thanks! Remember my post about not lusting over anything vuitton? well... may be this will change it. :nuts: How much does it retail for (if you know...I vaguely remembered it being in the 400-500$ range.)
  5. 866vuitton might be able to find you one but they are phasing out the mat range now. =( They pop up on ebay though every once in a while and at great prices too!
  6. Let-trade had one with a BIN of's gone now though!

  7. Thanks..I love the color of yours better than amber..

    I hope I can see it at Ebay someday..
  8. lol.. i purchased the one from Let-trade this morning!! I was insanely nervous because the price was SOOO nice and I was afraid someone would snatch it up, so I clicked the BIN and then ran to work! The color is violet, however. I wish it was the Noir, but oh well... it's a beautiful color! Can't wait to receive it!! :nuts:

    Mas2388, how tall are you?? I've never seen this bag IRL, so I'm not sure how it would look on me.. I'm only 5'1''.

    I've tried calling 866-Vuitton, everything in the Mat line is completely GONE! :crybaby:
  9. Pretty! Thanks for sharing!
  10. Hey kookielf, you are in New York too? I'm nearby too!

    Btw, I'm 5 feet so no worries! Hee hee! Congratulations on the great buy!
  11. Thank you!! Yep, I'm in Manhattan to be more exact. Can't wait to get it.. :yahoo: Hopefully then my camera will have returned from the shop (there was something wrong with the screen) and I can post pics!! I've been itching to take some pics and share!! lol!! :roflmfao:

  12. :wtf: I guess I was way off. Those price increases make it almost impossible to save for a bag! 700$+ is way more than what I want to spend on the bag. :Push: I'm glad you bought it at a good price, though. :smile: