modeling shots of the azur backpack?

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  1. does anyone who owns this backpack have time to post mod shots of it , perhaps slung on one shoulder? just trying to get a sense of the size / proportion. thanks in advance:smile:
  2. My lovely SA sent me this pic

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  3. thank you so much for sharing these photos!! very, very, helpful. this backpack is beautiful : )
  4. Oh that backpack is stunning!!!
  5. Love the backpack. I hope they could offer a larger size.
  6. Love it! Oh dear......I was on ban island....
  7. There seems to be daily ferry rides from Ban Island to the coast!
  8. Lol
  9. apparently, it's like a day pass but i think you can buy books of passes to save on the commute....... you may recognize some fellow commuters by their facial expressions. determined furrowed brows on the trip out, euphoria on the return trip.
  10. Haha 👍
  11. It's beautiful! Didn't think it was that big!
  12. Oh my, I love it! Thanks for sharing.
  13. Wow I'm not a backpack person but this is beautiful. This may be perfect for when I'm on outings with my 6 month old twin boys.
  14. Omg this is beautiful !!!
  15. Lol!