Modeling shots of Patchwork Lou?

  1. Anyone on here have any to share? t.y.:p
  2. Well, here's two at least of Jewel with the Bordeaux one. (Don't mind the lady with the major butt crack showing.:push:smile:


  3. Nice bag! I have that color in the Camila and I love it !!!! I really wanted a chocolate Lou - but NM doesn't carry that color and Nordstroms has none left- oh well!
  4. I just ordered one in black - will be glad to post modelling pics when it arrives :flowers:
  5. I just ordered one from peanut color. I cannot wait. Beautiful bag.
  6. Where are you all finding these great colored Lou bags from???
    Elux is n/a or not on sale...where can I find one?
  7. I just got one 55% off in Light Petrol at the NM sale this week. I think I saw peanut color there as well.
  8. ^^OHHH! The Petrol is my favorite color in the Lou! Congrats on not only finding it in that color, but on sale!!:nuts:
  9. I received my patchwork Lou today and posted modelling pics in this thread if they are still of interest :smile:
  10. ^^ pigens pictures are great for reference. :smile:
  11. OMG! That is terrible! I don't think the shoes are doing her any good with that crack showing! :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  12. ^--- Those shoes, the rolled jeans, the cowgirl flannel shirt and the MAJOR CRACK! I'm mortified for her!!!