Modeling - Seeking personal opinions.

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  1. Modeling has been something that I have been interested in for quite a while and I have decided to pursue modeling but I have questions. I really wanted public opinion as well as professional so I thought of asking the questions in my mind here as well.

    I have no question about my skin because I have well taken care of skin that is smooth and clear. I haven't met a person who hasn't told me that I have a beautiful doll face and I am 5'10 1/2 with long legs.

    I live a very healthy lifestyle (though I am a foody who loves rich chocolate) and I keep my body looking very nice but it is my body that I have the question about.

    Unfortunately any photos that I currently have online are from the neck up but my question isn't about my body par say but the shapes and sizes. If you were to take Marilyn Monroe (I have a very curvaceous body) with a more defined waist and give her DDD breasts you would have my body type.

    What type of modeling do you think a girl with a body like my own could pursue?

    I have had experience in runway modeling when I took part as one of the most featured models in a show for a designer in my city (glamorous woman, glad to have made connections with her). She told me that I would be the first person she would call for the next show but I want to pursue other jobs as well.
  2. well i started modeling 2 yrs ago and stoped because i wanted to go to college, because you dont always have a career in modeling , you need something to fall back on.I lived in new york at the time and had a scout see me at bloomingdale while I was shopping with my mom. I was 5'9 and had long legs but also had some butt and boob (32b)lol. I started spring fashion shows and other jobs. After a while I thought about my future and decided i shold go to college now before its to late im 19 and a sophmore in college. It really doesnt matter how u look because different designers are looking for diffrent faces and bodys. For example kimora lee simons she wants ladys with boobs and butt. If you feel its your passion go for it, but it just happened out of nowere for me.
  3. Its been ALOT of years since I was modeling. There is a TON of swimsuit work in FL where you live. Have you contacted an agency? There are quite a few in Miami.
    Lucky you, you're really tall! As long as you are toned being curvy shouldn't be a problem.
  4. My biggest concern honestly would be my chest, I've not heard of many DDD models.
  5. Modeling used to be my dream until I realize I'm just way too short for it (5'3" here). :P Good luck girl and I hope I'll see you on those fabulous runway photos soon!! :flowers:
  6. The only issue I think you might have is with DDD breasts. I would still look into it though if that's what you want to do!!

    I am 5'3 and I modeled for years (I could never do runway though) and I hated it. I finally quit a few years ago and am glad I did.
  7. Have you tried to contact any real modeling agencies? Not the ones that want fees from you? I am not sure where you live but if it is south florida, the South Beach area of Miami might be the place to go. You might want to do some research about modeling first. I think you have to be honest with what is available and not fall in to getting ripped off or taken advantage of. Perhaps you can inquire at some high end department stores? Just be very careful in what you do and who you trust. To me Florida is behind NY with the scams going on.
    I wish you luck.
  8. You may also want to consider lingerie or swimsuit modeling. The models for Victoria's Secret are much curvier than your typical couture model. Heidi Klum versus Erin O'Connor, for example. There are exceptions, though. I think Gisele is one of the few models that has consistently done both.

    When you say Marilyn Monroe...her measurements are actually on par with those of Elizabeth Hurley...Marilyn Monroe was just much shorter. She was not very large, contrary to popular belief.
  9. I modeled as a teenager but had to give it up because I didn't get tall enough. The opinions stated are good ones. Get yourself signed with a legitimate agency (one that doesn't charge fees) and you'll also need to get headshots and body shots. Usually agencies can recommend good photographers. You should go to what is an "open call" -- where agencies take appointments for unsigned models. They'll be able to give you sound advice. Good luck!
  10. I am 5'10 and *normally* (before Depro Vera shot made me gain 20 pounds!!) weigh 140 lbs.

    I also (no matter what my weight) have at least natural D cup breasts.

    I am not really sure about what type of modeling that I would suggest that you pursue...I guess it depends on whether or not you want to make a career out of it, how much $$ you want to make, etc. etc.

    Like another poster suggested, Victoria Secret models have AWESOME "realistic" bodies IMHO. Heidi Klum has a gorgeous figure but is no waif...same thing with ex-Angel Tyra Banks.

    Good luck with whatever you try and pursue!!
  11. What about trying out for America's Next Top Model? I LOVE that show! And there have been several girls with very large chests who have made it to the final cut.

    Other than that, I think people have made some great suggestions! :smile:
  12. It sounds like you have enough passion for it, and you height is perfect, so I say go for it. First try some agencies, reputable ones. If you go to any agency, and they ask for any type of money up front, it's a SCAM!!! A good well-known agency is Ford Models, they have an office in Miami, their website is if you want to check it out. And keep an eye out for model searches and competitions(once again, reputable ones.) Also, don't go to any modeling school, it's a waste of time and money. Good luck!!

  13. I agree. Plus you are in Miami so there are a lot of such opportunities. Also, you can be larger chested in Miami (compared to New York) and get modeling work. I would talk to the local agencies. Only go to legitimate ones.

    Your chest does sound much larger than the average swimsuit model ... but if you are porportionate and toned you have a chance.

    Good luck!
  14. I knew that Marilyn was not very tall and did not have very large breasts but I thought that she had a body type very close to my own. I wanted to give a universal example rather than use the word curvaceous alone (because someone could be thin, average, or overweight and be curvy so I felt I should be specific).
  15. Perhaps show us a pic??? I think its way too difficult to paint a pic...(in our minds..)