Modeling pix of sage Mahala - opinions please

  1. I am not use to larger size bags. Does the Mahala overwhelm my small frame? I'm 5'3. This was such a great deal, I still can't believe I scored this from the sale. What do you all think?
    IMG_0693_edited.JPG IMG_0691_edited.JPG
  2. I'm 5'2", normally 120lbs-ish. I love the size of the Mahala, have this exact bag!

    I think it looks great on you.

    I had the same issue with the Ramona, thought it was too big, got a Riki, then ended up with the Ramona... wait, TWO Ramonas LOL.

    I have briefly owned a Maddy before and it was too small for me.

  3. Your bag looks beautiful on you!
  4. Cathryn, the Mahala looks good on you. I don't think it's too big for you. It's a good size because the sides of the bag actually fold in when there is stuff in the bag and it makes it narrower rather than the horizontal shape it shipped to us in. And if you don't have larger bags, this is a great starter, you'll get hooked!
  5. Cathryn - The Mahala suits you well. I do not believe it is too big. You should keep it!
  6. Thanks guys. The bag really grew on me when I was taking the photos. I have no other bag this color or as large so I think it's a keeper.
  7. I think the bag look Fabulous on you Cathryn:cutesy:

    I am 5 1' on my good days and I love the Mahala's & Ramona's. I actually tried the Riki & Maddy, but they are just to small for my taste :huh:

    Besides how could you turn away a Liquid Patent Mahala for over 60% off :yahoo:

    Wear her in good health and just know you look HOT HOT HOT :choochoo:
  8. I think it looks amazing on you! The color looks so yummy in your pictures! Much better than the Saks site. Anyway, it's a definite keeper!
  9. I really like the size on you. I really like the color too. I think you should keep it for sure!!
  10. Congrats! It looks great on you!!!:woohoo:
  11. The colour and the size look great on you!:tup: You should definitely keep it!!
  12. Keep it, it looks so good on you.
  13. Hi Cathryn, wow! Looks great on you!! I'm 5'3 too and I wasn't really sure too about getting a Mahala. But I took the plunge anyway and scored a Purple one on eBay (thanks to a tpfer who decided to give it up). And I"ve never regretted. I love the size. You've got yourself a beauty and ITA it's a keeper.
  14. I think it looks fine on you. The color is fabulous.
  15. When I got this bag and first looked at, I thouught it was ENORMOUS. But as another poster mentioned, it folds in nicely and actually seems smaller when you are carrying it. It looks terrific in the photos (and we all know that the photos do not do this bag justice--it is not very photgenic as it looks far better IRL!). Congratulations!