Modeling pictures of the Mina bag???? Anyone???

  1. Does anyone have modeling pictures of the Mina Stam Bag they'd like to share? :graucho:

    The shape and size have sold me, I just want to see what it looks like when someone is wearing it.
  2. Me too!! I would love to see some modeling pics.
  3. OK, I have to admit that I just ordered that bag and should have it by Saturday. I found it onsale for $627 online at Neiman Marcus. I will take a pic of myself with the bag and post it. I am curious about the size and shape and how it compares to the stam and my east/west satchel.
  4. Here are some of models from the reference library:

    eLuxury (#97 )
    [​IMG] (#67 )
    [​IMG] (#27)
  5. I'm wondering if this will look oddly large on a 5'4" girl
  6. BUMP!

    I'd like to know if it'll look oddly large on me as a 5'3 girl!

    Thanks in advance! :flower:
  7. In my opinion it does look very large. I'm quite tall and I thought it looked much too big on me. You notice in all these modeling pics, they are holding it away from the body. When it is hanging normally right on the body it looks rather large, in my opinion. I really wanted the bag but opted not to buy it after trying it on b/c it looked so big.