Modeling pictures of Sasha medium duffle?

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  1. Could someone PLEASE post modeling pictures of the Sasha medium duffle? From the website I see the length is 16.5", which is a good length for me. I would really like to see it against a body though in case I would like to hold off and save for the large size! Please post height/weight as well if you dont mind. Thank you so much!
  2. Here's mine in black, I'm 5'2, not telling my weight though, LOL!

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  3. ^ Thank you so much toni! That is perfect, I am 5'2 as well! For some reason I cant get the picture to enlarge :sad:
  4. i'm in! i never really gave botkiers a second glance but today i saw one and fell in love.


  5. ^just fyi this is not patent leather -- it's glossy calfskin that i have never seen before. the flash is making it seem shinier than it is. and please excuse the jammies.

    oh and i am 5'1" and weigh about 100 lbs.
  6. My modeling pics are on this thread:

    I'm 5'6'' and plus sized

    I actually think the medium is a perfect size in this bag... when you pull the shoulder strap down and secure it around the bottom the bag gets a little smaller and when you want it bigger just use the shoulder strap... I haven't seen the large in person but I think this one is PLENTY big!
  7. Love your bag twicks!
  8. Sorry for the late response but I'm 5'5". Hope that helps
  9. A little late on this one, but I attached some pics - I know how helpful they are!
    I purchased the Medium size in buttery Italian lambskin on a whim at Bloomies and out of all my high-end designer bags, this has been my go-to bag! It is very light weight and the convertible feature is a plus!
    (I am 5'4)

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  10. Thank you so much everyone, these pictures are very helpful! I believe that a medium sasha is in my future now, haha! I dont think large would be necessary since the medium really does seem plenty big!