Modeling pics!

  1. Sorry for the wait everyone, I just got back from my company's dinner function at the new Venetian hotel in Macau! I didn't get the best dressed prize but at least I was nominated... :p

    The Venetian was great as well, massive ballroom and massive rooms as well.

    The dress fits very well, but I've lost a bit of weight since when I bought it so it's just slightly loose. The top has a very slim fit and the skirt had a lot of volume, quite puffy.

    I also got the white patent page pumps (75 mm) from Gucci to go with the dress. They are so comfy! I went through the whole night in them without stockings or socks and my feet don't hurt at all, the toe box on these shoes are very generous. Very classic shape though at first I thought they were a bit plain, I'm in love with them... Was a bit hesitant getting them at full price but they are well worth it for me!

    Anyway enjoy the pics!
    dress.jpg dress 2.jpg DSC01689.JPG DSC01690.JPG DSC01694.JPG
  2. The dress and shoes are absolutely gorgeous. I love the detail on the back of both the shoes and the dress.
  3. love your outfit!!! where is the dress from??
  4. Lookin good!!! I love those details on both the shoes and the dress, so pretty.
  5. Absolutely stunning.... I love the back detail of the dress and it looks so good on you. The shoes make the outfit pop in my opinion. They may just be white but they work so well!
  6. Very pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. i can't believe you didn't win best dressed!!!! that ensemble is sooo cute, love the white shoes with it. You did a good job!!
  8. Wow beautiful!!! I love the yellow!!!
  9. It's a very classy outfit! Like a Hollywood celebrity who is quite low key but w/ great taste and well-put together!
  10. woohooo finally pics of your fabulous dress... well it certainly looks even better on. You figure is fabulous. Love the choice of shoes aswell.... you must be thrilled. Good girl for posting that is just GREAT!!!!!!
  11. The dress looks great on you! Love the shoes you chose to go with it also!
  12. lovely dress!
  13. Just as I imagined it to fit... BEAUTIFULLY! I love it
  14. very stunning!!!!! the details on that dress is just sooo brilliant!!! You looked great :tender:
  15. Gorgeous outfit!