Modeling pics w/patent Zoe?

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  1. Anyone have any modelling pics with patent Zoe (medium, large, or editorial)? Trying to decide on this one.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. I have the Black patent Zoe. I will try later today to get you some pics, my son is home from School due to the weather. If I cant get them today, then it will be tomorrow.
    Its a GORGEOUS bag... I am 5'2 and its just the right size, looks good and not too big at all.
  3. Thanks so much! I have a large Zoe in the regular leather, and I *think* I like the patent, but I'm not sure!! I would appreciate any pics, thank you so much!
  4. HI,
    Have had a lot going on, kids home from School due to the weather. This week I promise to get you some.
    I think the Patent is so sharp in the Black, two Coach SA where I shop own her and that is one thing that sold me on the bag.
    Post pics this week coming, hang!

  5. thanks so much for your help :smile:

  6. HI, Here are a couple of pics, sorry they are not the best but my camera is messing up on me. Photos never do patent bag any justice at all, just keep that in mind. I only had a towel inside as this is not the bag I am carrying right now, so the drop/sag is not this low when things are in it. Hope these help you....


  7. Sweet! Thank you SO much. I'm leaning towards a silver patent large Zoe. I really appreciate your help! Oh, and I love your hair!!