Modeling pics - violet and black step bags

  1. Finally, here are pics of my violet and black step bags. It has been crazy the last couple of days w/children home sick, school evacuation (false alarm, thankfully), etc. I bought three step bags - violet, jaune, and black in two days. I absolutely love the step style! Fits over the shoulder, huge front and inside pockets, holds everything! My violet has the best leather, I am most likely exchanging the black as the leather on this one looks/feels pretty dry, and probably returning the jaune. The jaune is a gorgeous color but the leather is thin and I am worried about darkening handles and the bag getting dirty w/o way too much TLC. So... here are pics of my violet and black step bags! :heart:


  2. Both bags look fab on you. :tup:Enjoy them.:yahoo:
  3. Thanks for the modeling pics!:tup:

    I always wanted to see the Step in colors other than Violet.
    They're both fab!:yahoo:
  4. L:huh:okin awesome!!! :tup:
  5. wow! nice purchases! love the violet step!! congrats! :heart:
  6. nice and stylish. yep the black one looks a little bit dry but the violet is just smooshy
  7. you rock the steps girl!!
  8. gorgeous...:heart::heart:
    i really love the black one...what a great basic bag...
  9. wow the step is slowing growing on me. the black looks fab!
  10. thx for posting the pics - have been dying to see the step in different colors! Looks great!
  11. Looks amazing on you! I'm really loving this style; thanks so much for showing us how it looks on. :tup:
  12. I saw a Black Step at NM today and it was really dry too. The style is cute though!
  13. I love, love, love the Step. Whatever you do, you have to keep the V & J...I'd also love it in Plomb!!!! I can't wait to get my V Step!!!
  14. both are so gorgeous. the step will be my next purchase after seeing your bags.
  15. gorgeous!!!