MODELING PICS! speedy and baby pap

  1. Hi guys, here are my Feb. flavors. I only have 3 LV items, a far cry from many of the outstanding collections around here, lol. You can see my damier speedy 30 peeking out from behind me on the dresser in the last pic with me modeling the baby pap. I got the mono speedy from elux the first week in Feb. and did my darndest to get the vachetta a bit darker by putting it in front of a sunny window for hours at a time. I got the damier baby pap on eBay for only $156 from a seller who had some bad pics and didn't sell it, so I found it in completed auctions and she sold it to me that way. I don't think it was ever used, smells new and still has that stiff feel.
  2. You're so gorgeous! :heart:
    Nice bags, too!:graucho:
  3. HOT!! I :heart: the speedy and the mini pap is SO cute in the damier!!
  4. Bags look great on you-you really know how to rock them!
  5. Thanks guys, I have a big zit in the corner by my mouth, def. not gorgeous, lol, but I appreciate the compliments! Hey blew, how are you? couldn't refuse that rhyme! I have a confession, I miss my(your) lola, it's the only bag I sold that I miss! It had the best zippers too, and I have a zipper fetish, lol, LV makes great zippers too. I've even entertained getting a papillon 30, thing is straps are shorter on that then the burberry one.
  6. Congrats! Great job on modelling your speedy and baby pap.;)
  7. Congrats! They look great on you!
  8. Congratulations.
  9. Wow! Congrats!
  10. you look fab as always!!!!
  11. congrats!!! love the speedy!
  12. GREAT pics !!!!!!
  13. Great bags! I love the baby pap... and wow you look great! I am thinking I should go the gym now instead of stalking this website.
  14. Cool new stuffs. Like it all!!! :smile:
  15. congrats! looks great