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  1. Dear Friends,

    Thank you for your friendships at The Purse Forum, specifically at The Chanel Forum. Although I have not met any of you IRL, I always look forward to logging onto TPF and exchanging posts with you. At times when I am down, esp at work, I know I could always log onto our forum and read some interesting posts and view pretty pics. This is the little (not so 'little' actually) happiness in life that you ladies have given me.

    So well, I have been toying with an idea for sometime but am not sure if it will be well-received. I hope through this, we can bring more joy to one another, gain more inspiration and perhaps even foster stronger friendships. Anyway, here goes:

    :idea:What do ladies think if we post pics as and when into a thread? I decided to post this thread in The Chanel Forum bec I only hang out here and wish to know specifically the Chanel ladies better. We could be wearing our Chanels, non-Chanel items, and even non-designer items. It will be fun, I believe! (Sorry, I do not have as many Chanels and designer items as you fab ladies do so I have to include the 'non-designer items' for my own sake:p)

    You have such great fashion sense, so why not spread the joy around and share with everyone here at TPF - Chanel? Often times, I need to get inspiration from magazines and unfortunately, I have no dealings with the actresses and models......haha.....but hey, I 'know' you ladies and thought it will be a good idea to exchange ideas with 'real people we know'. :girlsigh:

    The pics do not nec have to be modeling pics, they could just show the pieces laid on bed, in cupboards, hanging off hangers, etc. The pics will simply show how we put together the various outfits for different days and occasions.

    So, it is :yes: or :nogood:?

    Well, I am going to do a little shopping now so hmmm......I'll try to check this thread in a few hours time and see how the response is. Please feel free to reject my thread. No hard feelings at all. :love:

    And once again ladies, thank you for being my friends at TPF - The Chanel Forum.

    Hugs and Kisses,
  2. Also, there's the "Post Your Outfit For Today" thread - there are some grrrreat (and seriously stylish) outfits in there! The down side is, it always makes me feel like a bit of a slob LOL
  3. missisa07 - Oh yes, am intigued by ldldb's thread!

    i_wona - oh, so there is already this thread.....tks.....then perhaps my current thread can be closed =)

    Ladies - tks for reading =)
  4. also, check the Reference Forum, there's another thread in there w/ people and their Chanels:yes:
    Keep thE ideas coming though, we love new threads!
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