Modeling Pics of Tivoli and Palermo

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  1. They are both so pretty! I like both for different reasons, but I love that both have those pleats. Thanks for posting this!
  2. I LOVE the pleats!!
  3. wow, tivoli pm looks pretty big already
  4. I love the Tivoli more! Hope to get one soon!!!:yahoo:
  5. i am loving both the bags! must have!!
  6. I've got Tivoli fever! I hate that the date is pushed back even further!!!
  7. I really like the Palermo PM!
  8. Is the top one Tivoli? Also, how much is it? thx
  9. Oh I think you NEED both! :graucho:
  10. The Tivoli PM is pictured, and the price is $825. The larger GM is $1050.
  11. OMG the tivoli is absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!
  12. Loving the Tivoli!
  13. saw the palermo on display in the holt's on bloor - to be honest i wasn't such a bit fan...but the tivoli looks quite nice - i think i'll have to check it out! it's just a shame b/c i think my mom would like the tivoli, but she just bought the ph a month ago (and i bet she still hasn't used it yet.......i'll have to ask her if she'd like to swap for my gently used trevi least for a month or so).

    i'm definitely a fan of the pleats - it adds some sophistication and class to the canvas styles!
  14. Wow, Definitely I want TIVOLI PM. Is it going to be permanent or not ?
    Soo Pretty......