Modeling pics of the Saleya GM??

  1. I have literally scoured the reference library and the clubhouse in search for modeling pics of this bag and I can not find it anywhere to save my life! It's driving me :wacko:!!

    Can anyone help me out???? I'd be forever indebted to you. Trying to figure out if it would be too big for a 5'2 individual for use as a diaper bag or if the MM would be better.

  2. I am 5'2" also! Sorry I don't have any pics of myself with the bag, but I think it is HUGE. I personally don't like it on me at all! I have the PM, and I have to admit that I wish I had gone with the MM instead!
  3. It really is HUGE. I think the MM would suit you best. :tup: Here's one that I found on a mannequin:

  4. Thanks guys! Seems like the bag would be wearing me vs. the other way around.

    Might have to try the MM on again to make sure it can hold enough for a baby! ;)
  5. Good luck with your search... personally i tink the MM is suitable for you..
  6. I think the MM would be better for you too :smile:
  7. The MM would not be big enough. I'm 5'2 and have both the MM and GM sizes. As a mother, I recommend the GM so you can get in and out of the bag easily and have enough space. :tup:
  8. ^^interesting take on that coldplaylover.

    So you think the MM won't have enough space for the the items necessary to take care of a baby? I hate making these decisions before the baby is even!
  9. no one has modeling pics? :sad:
  10. I'm 5'2 too... The pic below is of the azur in GM, but I think it's good for the size reference
    I use it for school and it's nice and big

  11. i dint realise how huge the selaya gm really is.
  12. Do they still make the MM because looking at Elux. and I don't see any MM's anymore???
  13. i just had a live chat w/ the cs there and was told it's currently sold out, but they do get replenishment orders, so keep checking back. btw if you're wondering about the price its 1040
  14. I love the Saleya and considering the MM or GM. They are so cute and functional.
  15. they are quite cute. i need a functional work bag and i think the saleyna mm will do the trick