Modeling Pics of the Men's Extra Courier

  1. As requested I had my BF take a few pics of me modeling the Extra Courier that I got today. I didn't realize how big this bad boy was until I had to stuff two pillows into it to make it keep its shape -- I find it funny so it should suit me just fine with all the crap I carry on a daily basis!

    I am in LOVE :heart: with this bag!
    picture 001.jpg Picture 002.jpg Picture 003.jpg Picture 004.jpg
  2. HOLY SHIPS! That's one BIG bag!

    I love it though! Now i want a courier again :yes:

    It really looks gorgeous and i love the way it looks on you in the first couple pics! Congrats on the beautiful bag!!
  3. oooo...looks good on you...its a roomy bag.
    How tall r u btw? Thking of getting something for my DH in tt effect.
  4. Wow, that *is* a big bag! :nuts: It looks fabulous on you!! Congrats! :yahoo:
  5. OMG.. YOU ROCK THAT BAG, CLAKE! :nuts: . I like your coat, I have a Coach coat similar to yours when I was living in the BAy area ( still have it, but the weather in Southern Cal is not cold enough for it) :sad:
  6. I am 6ft tall and 155lbs -- so I am a tall and lanky guy. And thank you for the compliment -- I didn't realize how big the bag was since I had only seen it in pictures but I think it will be perfect for my day trips and plane rides since I always struggling getting everything into my old Jack Spade.
  7. I love my camel hair coat -- I had dreamed of owning one since I was a little boy when I saw my Grandpa getting dressed for church. But funny you say that you can't wear your coats in SoCal -- I own like 20 coats that I never wear b/c I moved from Baltimore/DC and it never gets cold enough here to wear them.

    And thank you for the compliments!!!!
  8. thanks clake. Ouff...u are tall honey. The bag suits your proportions and definitely be good for trips...Enjoy ya!
  9. It looks HOT on you and you wear it very well! Congrats!!!
  10. looks great Clarke!!!
  11. I love it on you! And your walls there are the exaaccttt same color as my bedroom walls, tehee
  12. It looks fabulous on you, you big spunk!!!! I've got this bag too and love it!
  13. Wow!!:nuts: you totally rock that bag!! :rochard:It looks so awesome on you!! congrats!! :wlae:
  14. HI Clake i hate U for looking so good with your NW BAG. :yahoo:
    t`s really HUUUUUUUUUUGE, i know.
    Me and my BF has tryed it in a B-shop also, we got his dog a pug with us.
    And she complete dissapears in it as we put it next to each other.
    We didn`t put her in the bag, she soaked of the rain.
    I think it`s better not to put to much in it and just let it hang around your body. That`s also better if u get your Weekender.
    Nice to have u here.

    Hugs from pugs and me FX:heart:
  15. Wow! Is that the biggest Balenciaga bag? Its huge but you rock it!