Modeling pics of the DARLING Hobo

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  1. Do we have any yet? I know I saw a reveal but I don't recall and mod shots. Please someone take some pictures!! Or if by chance I have missed the mod shots, please point me in that direction.

    I beg you!
  2. Are you teasing us? Bring on the mod pics, lady!
  3. No, I'm not teasing anyone.. lol. I am genuinely asking, more like pleading, for someone to post mod shots. I don't have this bag yet. I want to order one but I want to see some mod shots first.
  4. I'd love to see some mod shots too.
  5. Me too!! I'm dying to see. Anyone?? :search:
  6. I just got my TEAL darling today! I was just charging my camera to post some pics!
  7. ^^^ooh, I can't wait to see your mod shots! It hasn't been done yet and I'd like to see how big it is.
  8. sorry my camera is terrible! But even though these are bad resolution, you guys can finally see the scale of the bag. Im a slightly taller than 5'5, I had wedges on but i took the pics barefoot so I could give an accurate height reference :lol:

    Let me also say i love this bag! The side pockets are perfect and the inside is really easy to get to while its on your shoulder. Also compared to the nikki and MAM styles, this bag is insanely easy to sling over your shoulder because of the much larger handle drop!

    My only gripe is the metal on the zipper isnt silver! There is a picture on AsterAlice that shows this really well:

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  9. nice pics thanks for sharing! its bigger than i thought but very pretty!
  10. Thanks soooo much for the photos -- it looks terrific on you! It's looks bigger than I thought. This might be a strange request, but if at all possible, would you mind posting a pic of you accessing your bag while slung on your shoulders? I'm usually a MAB girl and this might push me back into using a hobo. Congrats on a beautiful bag!
  11. id like to see a pic of that too! it seems like it would be difficult to get in w/the strap thing...
  12. The bag is much bigger than it appears in photos.

    I am about the same height as you and it would probably look ridiculous on me.
  13. Me too. It's a gorgeous bag though, it looks great on you! Plus, the color is tdf!
  14. I love it on you. Looks like the perfect hobo. (no offense, Nikki)
  15. thanks everyone! I will upload a pic in a little while of my accessing the bag while its on my shoulder.

    I was really shocked at how huge it is. I will post another pic of it spread out on my bed, you will be surprised at how much it slouches down once you pick it up from the strap!

    I'm not even a big bag girl (mini versions or macs are more my style) so I am a little concerned about it looking too huge on me, but the shape and the smooshy-ness of the teal leather make this the comfiest bag I own. I like how I can lay my arm down almost completely flat to my side over the bag, even though there is a ton of stuff inside! I definitely cant do that with my MAM.