Modeling Pics of the Clay Maxene Boots with Clay Gigi Tote - Plus New Stuff!

  1. My Maxene boots in clay arrived today - I wore them out to the Coach boutique with my clay Gigi. It was so busy there - but all the SA's stopped to drool over my boots. They made me feel so good! :cutesy: The stores in my area don't carry shoes so they had never seen them IRL before. Thanks Katrynar for helping me track them down! :tup:

    I also exchanged my Gallery patchwork ponytail scarf for the Hamptons dot ponytail scarf in black/white, and I bought the butterfly keyfob. :love: The new bags really weren't singing to me, I don't know if I like the new ones out. I kinda like the pond Bleecker duffle. But, I'm sort of on a ban for the new year. Without further ado, pics!

  2. Those boots are smokin'!! Loves it!!!
  3. beautiful :drool: this looks exactly like Hayden on the celebrity thread :tup:
  4. They look great!!!!!
    I cant wait for mine to come in.... excpet all I could track down was whiskey. Hopefully they look just as nice, but they clay is sure a great color!
  5. You're going to love them - I walked around in them for a few hours and they are so comfortable! Every pair of Coach shoes I own are the most comfortable things ever! Post pics when you get yours!
  6. Very lovely!!
  7. WOW, that looks FABULOUS! Beautiful bag and boots, and you look awesome!
  8. wow, you look hot ! love those boots - very well put together!
  9. Stunning!!!!!!!!! Congrats!!!!!!!!!
  10. I love them. I just ordered the Whiskey and can't wait to get them. Do they seem to run true to size?
  11. ok why do those boots look good on everyone but me?? I'm so sad!

    oh well, they look hot on ya, congrats!!
  12. Those boots are hot! And together with the bag, you look like a movie star! :drool:
  13. Pretty much. I"m a 6.5 or a 7 normally and I got a 7.
  14. All I can say is "WOW"!! :drool:
  15. lookin' good!