MODELING PICS of speedyMiniLin DUNE pls..

  1. owners i need your help on this.Thanks a lot:heart: :heart:
  2. anyone?:sad:
  3. Bump ...
  4. hmmm. somebody on here got the dune speedy and modeled it. it looked great, the thead was not too long ago..2-3 days?
  5. do a search.. there is a another thread regarding the same thing.
    Also try the reference thread.. visuals there:yahoo:
  6. Here's some pics ... sorry that they're not so clear:shame: , I usually get DH to take pics but he's been busy lately.
    DSC_00016.JPG DSC_00024.JPG DSC_00047.JPG
  7. It is so gorgeous and I like your jacket and jean as well:roflmfao: :roflmfao:

  8. Very nice.
  9. I love that bag. I wish it came as a 25! I'd buy one.
  10. I just saw a young woman with this today at my work! too bad it isnt in a 25 otherwise I would buy it.
  11. it's so nice!!!
  12. Really cute!
  13. Oooh that looks really good with that trench ! :yes:
  14. I want it in Dune..

    Looks great on you asl_bebes..
  15. It's gorgeous! Now I want it hehe :biggrin: