Modeling pics of purple embossed Audrey?

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  1. I searched but cant find any. I may have a chance at this bag, but is it too small? Id love any input and modeling pics from anyone who has it - need to decide by tomorrow. Thanks!!
  2. If I'm not mistaken muranogrl bought this bag and she posted modeling pics with this bag
  3. [​IMG]
  4. at first i didnt like it because its stiffness in the leather, but i let it sit on my desk for a day and decided that this bag needs to be apart of my collection, its so beautiful! its definitly not too small.
  5. I agree.....she's definitely not too small. She is larger than a small Sabrina. I usually carried pretty big bags but now I feel like Audrey is my new "perfect size". I say to snatch her up if you have the chance to get one. They are becoming hard to find.
  6. I just have to say something. Mfitzsimmons, you are freaking gorgeous! And that looks awesome on you!
  7. Thank you sooo much for the modeling pic!! Im only 5' and petite and usually like larger bags but this one doesnt look too small for me at all there are a few other bags thst are less exoensive but ill probably regret not getting the one i want I think this may be my last big splurge of the year. I just wish there was a coupon!!
  8. ^^ This bag is my last buy for a long time... I am a bit shorter than you and tbh this bag isn't big on me. I am 4'11" and its perfect. Get it while you can
  9. I'm 5'6" and I just tried this bag on in the boutique and I'm in love! I was going to purchase the Sophia but seeing this thread made me give it a chance and I'm glad I did!
  10. I know this is going to sound corny but bear with me here....I keep my bag hanging on one of my kitchen chairs and I swear that every time I glance over at her I think to myself "that bag is stunning!". :lol: It catches my eye each time I look at her!! There really is something about this bag. was just released for the August floor set so there were not as many of these made...makes me feel like I got lucky.
  11. Coupon coming out next week...maybe you can get PA....
  12. You do exactly what I usually do when I need to confirm I chose the right one for me :smile: Such a beautiful bag.
  13. heres my grey audrey (still debating whether to keep or return it) since i just bought a louis vuitton speedy. :smile:I like the way this bag looks as a satchel but not on the shoulder.

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  14. Keep it! I just bought a speedy a month ago too!
    and honestly, your reveal thread made me purchase this bag today! When I tried it on in the store, I really loved it on the shoulder when the bag is flattened out? (idk if that makes sense) but it's a gorgeous bag!
  15. Do most of you have the purple or gray? I got the gray but i am thinking about exchanging for the purple.