Modeling pics of new Neely:-)

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  1. Here are some modeling pics as promised. Hope you like them:biggrin:

  2. Ohhhh, what a lovely colour. Wish I had the guts to go for something other than black.:nuts:
  3. Beautiful beautiful RED! Lovely...
  4. ILM, she looks terrific on you!
  5. Beautiful colour, looks great on you !
  6. wow it looks fab on you!
  7. Can I just say again just how lucky you are! Its the most stunning bag, and seeing modelling pics really helps to appreciate what a great bag this is. I would love one (at the price you got yours for tho sadly, not the crazy retail heheeee) !
  8. What a fab pop of colour- looks great on you!
  9. Wow gorgeous hit of colour against your outfit!
  10. looking good :smile:
    I would also like to see model pics with your lovely leah!!
  11. That looks gorgeous, really special
  12. So Lucky...I have missed my chance of a Neely...It really is gorgeous on you..!!
  13. Oh my, that looks just great! Must admit Neely didn't do it for me before but the more I see it the more I likey! Great modelling pics - congrats!
  14. Looks fab!!
    Congrats =)
  15. Ty all so much for your lovely comments:tpfrox:

    Kvamkvam I will post some modeling pics of the leah tomorrow xx