Modeling pics of my Pink Glazed Lambskin Timeless Classic

  1. Hi ladies!

    Here's are some modeling pics of me w/my new glazed lambskin pink Timeless Classic. We went out to dinner last night for our belated Valentine's Day dinner. I am wearing a dress by Thakoon from S/S 07 and Christian Louboutin Lace Prive shoes.

    vdays.jpg vday1s.jpg
  2. LOVES IT!
    I almost wore mine out to dinner last night too!LOL!BUT I ended up wearing the new red one instead!
    U look great!
  3. you look stunning *shopping* ~ that pink is sooo gorgeous! :love:
  4. You're looking fierce girl!! Love the whole outfit!! Congrats and enjoy!!
  5. Oh, you look so pretty! Love the dress, the pink (so jealous), everything! Beautiful!
  6. pretty in pink indeed! congrats and thx for the pics :smile:
  7. OMG! You are hot! Congrats!
  8. you look lovely, your hubby probably didn't notice the bag :love: tee hee hee.

    congrats, she is lovely!
  9. very pretty, cant wait for mine. You look gorgeous!
  10. OMG. I love love love it!!! It's soo pretty! And you look fab with it!
  11. Very nice!!

    Love your shoes :p
  12. Very, bag, clothes.
  13. gorgeous!
  14. Love your whole look!
  15. WOW ... that is absolutely gorgeous!! If I hadn't been buying so many other bags lately ... I would love this bag in my collection. Congrats!