Modeling PICS of my NEW Choc Patchwork STAM!!

  1. Ok- so after posting pics of my new Chocolate Patchwork Stam in my last thread I was asked about modeling pics.. Here I am with my NEW STAM!! I love it sooo much. I can't wait to take her out. I just can't bring myself to even take the tags off yet.. how ridiculous is that?? hehe
    Untitled.JPG Untitled 1.JPG Untitled 2.JPG Untitled 3.JPG Untitled 4.JPG
  2. It's beautiful and it looks great on you!
    Congratulations!!!! Love the Patchwork!
  3. Looks fabulous! Congrats. :drinkup:
  4. Very pretty, don't you love the chocolate color? Is the stam lined with suede, did you get her for a good price? Congrats!
  5. Looks great on you! Thanks for sharing your photos!!
  6. No suede in the Patchworks....

    The chocolate Stam looks absolutely yummy on you!! Congrats!!
  7. Congrats in your new bag!
  8. lovely! i have the same bag and luuuuv it. it's a tad heavy right? it looks great on you!!!!
  9. This looks beautiful on you! Congrats!
  10. That bag is gorgeous. I love the Chocolate color in this stam. First time I'm seeing modeling pics of it and I love it!!! It looks great on you! congrats on getting such a beautiful bag!!
  11. Looks great on you!!! Thanks for sharing.
  12. That Stam looks amazing on you!! The color is so divine! Thanks for taking these modeling pics!
  13. Gorgeous!! It looks so very luxe on you!!

    Now jerk those tags off and work that bag, girl!! :wlae:
  14. Thank you all for the kinds words! I am very pleased with this bag..
  15. Thanks for posting modeling shots! It looks great on you!! I hope you use her soon!