Modeling pics of my new Chloes!

  1. Here it is my White Edith messenger and White baby Paddy! The Baby paddy is vv white, while the white edith is actually like vanilla icecream. I was about to keep only one of them(cause they are both white), but turned out keeping both cause they're both lovely!:yes:
    I was carrying my baby paddy shopping in Saks last weekend and got quite a few compliments with it!:p
    IMG_0975.JPG IMG_0985.JPG IMG_0989.JPG IMG_0995.JPG IMG_0997.JPG
  2. More~~~
    IMG_1003.JPG IMG_1019.JPG IMG_1008.JPG IMG_1012.JPG
  3. Very pretty ! Congrats you should also post those in the "Chloé in action" thread.
  4. Thanks for posting - it's always great to see Chloes in action! Great bags - congrats!
  5. Great pics!!! That baby paddy is sooo cute, I almost wish I had the frame to carry small
  6. Awesome bags, and they look amazing on you! They are definitely different enough to warrant keeping both.

    I love baby paddies. They're just so darn cute!:heart:
  7. OMG!!! :nuts: Both are stunning!!!
    And kiki you are one gorgeous gal!
    I'm always blown away by the mini blanc paddy, its so summery and sweet. The edith is starting to grow on me too......uh-oh. I sense a new bag-lust coming on.....
  8. They look cute! Congrats on your new pieces!
  9. Very nice! I love the richness of the Chloe whites. Good call to keep both.:tup:
  10. I LOVE that white Edith! Hot!

    I think that happens with the Edith!! I never was really crazy about it, but now I'm getting a Whiskey Edith (from the first season) and I am soooooooooo psyched for it! ;) I just am obsessing over Ediths right now.
  11. congrats! Looks good on you. I have a baby blanc paddy too and I love it.
  12. i love them both! and since they're in different shades of white, it makes sense to keep both! congrats!!
  13. i'm just curious.. w/ people who own a white color bag... how do you guys keep it from getting dirty... i'll be very nervous to carry this color
  14. congrats!! have the muscade and black!!!Love the Edith!:yahoo:
  15. Thanks for all the compliments, you nice guys make me feel much less guilty.:flowers: I tried to return the edith, b/c baby paddy is more summer, but I just can't.:heart:I personally think bb paddy goes better with skirt/mini dress, while edith goes better with jeans.