Modeling pics of my Mini

  1. It looks great on you. I like the versatility of the mini.
  2. You look great with your mini! :love:I just got mine fom Nordstrom as well. I've been looking for one since January.
  3. super cute! it looks like it's the perfect crossbody bag too!!! thanks for posting the different ways to wear the mini :biggrin:
  4. Can you get a pair of sunglasses without the case in a mini?
  5. Yes you can definitely fit sunglasses without using a hard case. Here are the two different sunglasses I have. The aviator is slimmer than my black one and so it's easy to fit a bit more in the bag around it. I have a key holder shown inside the bag along with sunglasses. Both will fit and it's great that the bag is rigid! I use a soft pouch to protect my sunnies. Photo 3 is the aviator in the bag and photo 4 is my black one!
    image-2953754289.jpg image-28959172.jpg image-2276648857.jpg image-3650477059.jpg
  6. the bag is so cute and it looks great on you...
  7. Hi pinkrubies...your new bag is beautiful...I love it!!! I actually just got a call for the same one, but got a little nervous to buy it b/c it wasn't caviar (I have 2 toddler boys, and a 3rd baby girl on the way)...I eventually want to give it to my daughter, but that won't be for at least 15 you think it will stand up to kids, etc??? I love, love the way it looks on you:smile:))
  8. it looks great on you!!
  9. Hi pants, i really love the look of lamb (if that's what you bought) it's really rich in color and soooo SOFT but one of the reasons I did not end up getting it was because it's more high maintenance than the caviar! If not careful i know you can scratch the bag I also have two small boys myself and I would feel more comfortable having the caviar around them vs the lambskin. I think if you plan to wear the bag more often...caviar would be the way to go! Here's a thread:
  10. Thanks alot! I am buying it today :smile:

  11. Yay!!!! Let us know how you like it!! :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  12. Very helpful thread! The pics are gorgeous! May I know how tall are you? Wondering if the crossbody style can work for people with different height. Enjoy the beauty!
  13. Love the mini. Great mod pics too! Thx!