Modeling pics of my Chloe Bay!

  1. Here they are, my modeling pics of my Medium Chloe Bay bag - Moka! I love her so much, but the little munchkin with her mitts on the bag is still #1!!!

  2. Gorgeous!!! All three of you! LOL!!! Congrats! :heart:
  3. the bay in moka is gorgoues and it really suits you....these pics are too cute...
  4. Wow! Looks great (you, bag & baby)!!
  5. oooh - big bags + tiny bodies = hot!

    It looks really lovely and stylish!
  6. Ahhhh... beautiful!!!!! You all look fabulous.............. That bag really looks great on you!
  7. Oh clapping!!! you look so fun and beautiful with you bag. Beautiful!! Also the kidlet is adorable.

    BTW is that wine bottles above the highchair, nice!!!!!!
  8. Great bag, great pics, cute little one...............Oh susieserb, do great minds think alike, I, too, noticed the wine bottles.....LOL
  9. You look very beautiful with the bag.. and the little one is soo cute
  10. Great bag, love your precious daughter!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Gorgeous - all three of you:tup:. You look absolutely stunning with that fabulous piece of arm just can't beat a Bay :love: - it's a classic! Honestly those people at Chloe ought to think about using some of the TPF Chloe girls in their next advertising campaign:yes: !
  12. Beautiful bag & pictures-that bag truly suits you-your daughter is adorable & the photos made me smile! I totally agree I'd love to see TPF Chloe girls in ad campaigns - you rock :tup:
  13. Thanks so much everyone for your kind words!!!! The second pic was a sad attempt to show the bag worn on the shoulder, lol.

    And yes, that is wine and vodka above the high chair, but the rest of the wine is on a rack in the dining room.:p
  14. (Laughing)!! Just in case you run out of milk, I understand!!!!!!!!!!:wacko::wacko::heart:
  15. :tup: Congrats! It looks really good on you!!! I love my moka bay too :heart: