Modeling Pics of Mini Paddy Blanc 07

  1. Many of you ask me to post modeling pics. So here you go... I'm 5'1 about 117lbs
  2. More pics.. lol! Sorry I got carried away..
  3. Thanks so much for taking those - Love it!

    It appears the 07 straps are slightly longer than the 05 and 06 baby straps
  4. :love: So cute!!! It looks good on you ;)
  5. So.. Are you gettin one? ;)
  6. I think I might just have to!

    Am going to think about it while at the beach tommorow.

    I've been a bit torn by the bad things i've heard about the 07 leather, but am loving what I'm hearing about the scratch resistant hardware.
  7. So cute and little!!
  8. I think only some 07 leather is smooth and stiff, I've seen plenty of gorgeous 07 bags with great pebbly leather......I guess the best idea might be to make your selection of 07 leather in person so you can pick one with great leather, if not maybe you can request a bag with really smooshy, pebbly leather from some online boutiques?????
  9. It's adorable!!! It looks great on you!!! Congrats!!!
  10. looks very cute!
  11. Such a cute bag! Congratulations!!

    It looks great on you!!!
  12. Cute bag! It really looks good on you! Congrats.:smile:
  13. What an adorable bag!
  14. You two are perfect together!!
  15. Ooooh such a cute bag! Love it!