Modeling pics of large Signature Carly?

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  1. Hi ladies!!! :yahoo:

    my first post here in the coach subforum! i'm thinking of getting the Large Carly Signature in Black, was wondering if anybody could contribute some modeling pics? :yes:

    I NEED SOME ENABLING!!!!!!:dothewave:

    p.s i'm trying to decide whether to go with the carly or continue saving for a balenciaga day again(had it before, but decided the leather's too delicate for a casual bag).

    TIA everyone~! :flowers:
  2. Man I wish I could refer you to the many Carly threads but the search function is down. :tdown: I have a Carly but it is a medium, sorry! BTW Welcome! :flowers:
  3. hope these help.
    4m7k5tz large carly.jpg 47b7cc24b3127cceb107e9c5290800000026100QZuG7Nm0csf.jpg Carly 1.JPG carly3 large.jpg carlybig large.jpg
  4. Here is my modeling pic, sorry for the shockingly yellow bathroom.. it does nothing for my complexion:lol:

    Mine is the large Brown/Brown Carly AKA Chocolate!!
    DSCN2596.JPG DSCN2600.JPG
  5. few more
    carlyred1  med.jpg coach3qt2.jpg dsc00816xo6.jpg Picture 405 med.jpg
  6. ^^^^
    keep in mind when looking that most of those are medium :yes:

  7. I think all of these are mediums and she is looking for the large. I just don't want her to get confused :flowers:
  8. sorry these are large

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  9. The person with the choco. carly 3rd pic, is that med. or large ??? I love it !!!! :heart:

    * Oh I see they are med., I love it !!! Looks great !!!
  10. I love my large Carly. The worse part is that the bottom of the bag always rubs against my jeans and leaves that denim stain. Be sure to clean the denim stain on a regular basis.

    Heres my Carly.

    Im a very petite girl so the bag looks huge on me. But I loooooooooooove it ;]
  11. ^^ awesome picture... thanks for posting.
  12. i love your pics! and the bag looks good even though it looks huge on you.

  13. You have denim problems? *runs to check* I have to see if mine has any!!:wtf: Looks ADORABLE on you, btw!