modeling pics of large sasha duffel...plsssss!!!

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  1. can someone post modeling pics of a large sasha duffle plsssss!!!! ive been eyeing a large choc on ebay but not sure how it would look since i am about 5'2 ish. so far i have seen it on angelina jolie and looks good on her, but of course she is a lot taller than i am. i am just concerned about the longer strap drop on the large duffel (14inc)since i am on the shorter side. thanks!!!! :heart::smile:
  2. I just posted 2 pics
  3. Hi Kath, there is an auction on ebay w/ modeling pics for a large one in brown snakeskin if you're looking to compare
  4. ^ hey nice to see you here. yeah i saw that one probably like 10x. but i still cant decide wether to get a large or a small (not mini). i am afraid the large would be too big (strap drop wise...14 inch is kinda long). i dunno, i might consider a small after all, but its difficult to find it in choc. if u see one let me know. thanks!!!
  5. I just posted on that other thread that the link is posted to above. I am 5'3" and got the large and it is a good size, not too big. I don't think I could fit all my stuff in the small. Sorry I can't post pics bc I lost the cord to my digital camera.