Modeling pics of eva as requested

  1. Some shots of eva as requested... Im 5'8 yet it fits elegantly not too small...casual or formal eva is perfect:tup:
    Photo 4.jpg
  2. Congrats! :yahoo: Eva is a great bag for those of who missed out on Sophie :yes:
  3. ^ i agree! you look great modeling her:tup: congrats!
  4. congrats... it looks good on you. may i ask btw how much it is in manila? im headed over there in a couple of weeks and i just want to compare the price... did you get it in manila though?
  5. hi! thanks! its just 27,600 pesos here... not bag right:tup:
  6. that's gorgeous!! i'm from manila too.. but i'm in taipei right now so i'll be checking out the stores here!:graucho: i didn't know about that bag till you posted!thanks
  7. The bag looks great on you!
  8. The bag is sooo pretty on you!!!
  9. Thanks! Thanks!:yes:
  10. Congrats .. it is a very cute bag and looks FAB on you:heart:
  11. Hi! what's the name of that mono bag pictured in your 2008 wishlist? I saw a girl at greenbelt 4 walking out of the L.V boutique carrying that bag:confused1:
  12. What a cute bag! I hope it comes out in Damier....
  13. You are both cute!:yes:
  14. Congrats! The bag suits you well.
  15. Very pretty, congrats!