modeling pics of alyona?

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  1. hey all--

    i've tried finding modeling pics of the alyona in the reference guide but i wasn't able to (maybe i'm not looking under the right subthread??). i'm interested in picking one up, but i'm not sure if it'd be too big for me. based on dimensions, it's about the same size as the faridah, which i love, but the faridah is pretty slouchy so maybe if it were stiffer it wouldn't be as usable of a size for me. so does anyone have modeling pics?

    also, for those who have it, can you comfortably wear the alyona on your shoulder without the chain? i find the chains to be slightly too heavy for me to use on a regular basis, so if that were the only option of a shoulder-carry, the alyona might not be for me :shrugs:

    thanks for any help!:flowers::flowers:
  2. while I do not own an Alyona, I have checked them out in the store -- when they first came out, I loved the bag & was very excited about it until I tried it out - it was NOT an easy bag to carry on the shoulder - personally, I find the handles much too short to hang comfortably on the shoulder (but then again -- a lot of Hudson owners carry that bag on their shoulder so I could be in the minority!) -- and using the chain seemed awkward -- the handles didn't fall nicely to each side like they do with most bags so it made carrying the bag on your shoulder a little bulky and awkward - the next time I looked at it, I played with the handles a little and pushed them down -- this made it a little easier, altho I would imagaine it might be a pain to have to push the handles down everytime you want to use the chain -- then again, it might loosen over time.

    Altho I love how the Alyona looks, I don't think it's the ideal shoulder bag -- if that's what you need, you might want to to choose a bag that's MEANT to be worn on the shoulder
  3. Hmmm...I see what iluvmybags means. I can wear mine definitely as a shoulder bag with no problem at all. It actually even fits better on the shoulder than a hudson IMO. I may be in the minority. Also, I think the chain is meant to be hanging from the bag as decoration not so much as the main strap. It is awkward using the bag w/ the chain strap. I would prefer to wear it without the chain actually. It's a great great bag and I plan on holding onto mine for many years. I'm hoping it will become the perfect "baby bag" one day b/c it has 3 compartments that I'd probably be able to squish diapers into LOL
  4. here are a few pics from mk78 that she posted awhile back of her grey alyona and cute baby bump. hth!


  5. ^^ omg kim. i know i just saw you on sautrday, but i saw those pictures you just posted above, and for a SPLIT second, i thought it was you who was pregnant! ;) uhh its past my bedtime for sure!
  6. Good Luck on your decision! I can see where it might be an awkward bag! Now I am glad I never found one!

  7. :lol:
  8. yes, i am expecting a new bundle of joy. you just didn't notice because i was wearing a big coat and you were blinded by your love for your new bag. i'll be sending out the baby shower invitations soon. you should check your mailbox. however, instead of the usual standard baby-related gifts, i expect mj bags instead. thanks! :P
  9. Hey I would totally appreciate MJ bags, or ZC wallets instead of your average baby shower gifts!!!:graucho: Hope the pics helped.
  10. Tadpolenyc ... is registered at Buy Buy Baby and the Marc Jacobs boutique.
  11. LOL you guys. And that photo is adorable. Love how the Alyona looks on her! :smile:
  12. thanks everyone! mk78 looks so fab with that alyona -- i actually think it was those pics that i saw however many months ago that planted the little "i want an alyona too!" seed in my head.

    anyway, since a few people have said the alyona isn't a great shoulder bag, do you gals have any recommendations for what IS? at approximately faridah size (or a bit smaller, even).
  13. I made my Grey Alyona debut tonight ... she fits comfortably on my shoulder.
  14. I will admit I still love the bag, but then I am in love with tuffcookie's bag!!
  15. ^^ thank you muggles! :heart: there were still 2 available when we left the boutique...*wink wink*