Modeling pics ~ My new Michael Kors Astor Update Tote

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  1. Hi everyone, I'm "visiting" from the COACH forum. I fell in love with this Michael Kors Astor Update bag on eBay and had to have it. I'm a big fan of MK's accessories, I own a few sunglasses and a watch. I got this for a great deal, $99 (regular price $328), I've never in my life bought a bag that wasn't a "neutral" color like black, brown or tan, so I'm proud of myself for purchasing a "gasp" olive green bag. I'm totally in love with this bag. For reference I'm 5"10.

    As usual my coworker was laughing at me when I told her I needed to take a "modeling' pic for the purse forum I belong to. :smile:


  2. I love the Astor Satchel and this one too. Congrats, olive is more neutral than one may think!
  3. That looks awesome on you! The bag looks so soft and nice! Glad you got a non-neutral color! =D
  4. Very nice bag. I love large bags, and I love the MK astor line. Awesome deal too!
  5. Thanks, you might be right about that!
  6. Thank you; yes it's very soft and I love the quality of the leather.
  7. I love large bags as well, my boss who is 5"2 and a size 2 tried to model my bag and I was laughing because it was bigger than her, lol.
  8. That is a nice bag and you look good carrying it. :tup:
  9. Thank you!:smile:
  10. Although I like big bags, I don't think they look nice on me. =( I am 5'5", 120lbs. So I thought a big bag would be okay, I ordered one and I didn't like the way it looked. I think I like satchels, shoulder bags, and hobos over most other types. Totes gets really big. So I have to readjust alot with what I carry. I like carrying bags on my shoulder the hand always drops off.

  11. I hear you, I think it depends on your body frame and your personal style/taste, not always just height. Jessica Simpson is very petite and wears HUGE bags, I think she carries them well.
    You're right about them getting really big. I had to stop myself from filling up that tote today, lol.
  12. Very cute!! Looks great on you! Congrats!!

    P.S. I miss LA...
  13. Thanks, did you grow up in LA? I'm an East Coast transplant, New York City girl born and raised. I've been in Southern Cali for 10 years now, left home right after graduating college and never looked back.
  14. Gorgeous!
  15. Lol, cute story about the modeling pic. You look great with that bag!