Modeling pics: Maxene boots in whiskey AND clay

  1. Ok here is my boot dilema. I bought Maxene's in whiskey and clay with the intent of returning whichever color I liked least. But now I'm in love with them both!!!! They are both gorgeous in their own ways. Which pair should I keep? Or can I justify keeping them both? Opinions needed, please! And lastly, do they look alright on me?

  2. OMG These are beautiful and they look GREAT on you! I'd find a way to keep both if you can. :yes: If not, I'd keep the whiskey I think.
  3. I love whiskey but both are beautiful!!
  4. They are both amazing, and could go with so many outfits! I vote you keep them both. . . I originally got the Maxene's in black, and loved them so much I got the whiskey! (And if they'd had clay in my size, I probably would have ended up with those as well!!!)

    So, yeah, keep them both!!!:tup::tup:
  5. Haha thanks girls, I like how we're all on the same wavelength with keeping both pairs!
    The whiskey pair actually look halfway decent in the picture, considering I had to shove my boot leg jeans inside of them.
  6. They look great on you! I prefer the whiskey personally. Congrats :tup:

    ETA: The Clay is beautiful too.
  7. I would say clay. Mainly because I think it goes with anything. In the last picture you wouldn't be able to wear the whiskey with that outfit. With the jeans you can wear either the whiskey or the clay. So my vote is clay.
  8. I vote clay. Love, love, love clay!!
  9. I think the Clays would be more versatile
  10. I like the Clay ones better. I would choose those.
  11. Keep both if you can afford to. Otherwise I think you should keep the whiskey
  12. They both look great on you. Keep them both.
  13. Well ideally I think you should keep both.. they are freaking gorgeous! If you can only keep one I would keep the Clay!!! In your second pic they look amazing and it's a harder color to come by.. I wouldn't let them go or you may regret it later!
  14. both are cute! Where did you find them?!
  15. Oh my GOD I wish my shin wasn't broken or else I'd go out and buy a pair of those RIGHT NOW!!! But just looking at the heel makes my leg ache. Haha, they look gorgeous on you. I vote Whiskey if you have to keep just one. But really, I think you should keep both. Hehe.