Modeling pics for Blackbutterfly Coach charms on MK bag

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  1. Sorry it took me so long, my "photographer" aka my coworker and friend was out and just came back today.

    MODELING pic...


  2. Obviously I'm not Blackbutterfly, buy you are absolutely stunning.
  3. Thank you for the compliment! :flowers:
    COACH charms and a Michael Kors bag make a girl feel
  4. looks cute on the bag.
  5. Your MK bag is beautiful!! Charms look cute!
  6. I really like that bag! The charms look nice on it.
  7. Thank you, at first I felt a little funny mixing COACH charms on a non COACH bag but I really like the way it looks.
  8. Super cute! Love that bag too! :yes:
  9. Thanks, it was an impulse buy on EBAY, regular price $328, I paid $125, I've really got to go on an EBAY ban. :P
  10. Wow!! You are GORGEOUS!! The bag is cool too!
  11. Thank you * blushing * :flowers:
  12. You paid $125 for that gorgeous bag! WOW you got a really good buy! I wish I could find deals like that on ebay, then I would be on a ban too! lol It does look really gorgeous on you... you are super pretty and can rock it woman! :tup:
  13. Yes, in my mind I could not justify NOT getting it, that's my problem. I'm like it's ONLY $125, one of my good friends is like, "Tonia, who is ONLY?". In the last month alone I've bought 3 bags, 2 Kenneth Cole New York, and now this 1 Michael Kors. EBAY is like an addiction. I'm going to take a break from buying and selling. Oh and thank you for the compliment. :flowers:
  14. Love it congrats
  15. I love MK bags, they're so classic. And the charms look great on it!