modeling pics as promised...ring and lp mahala

  1. not the greatest shots.....i realized i am not only a terrible photog, but also a really fidgety, uncooperative model.....:p
    i took some of the ring as a messenger too, i'll put it in the reference library....i don't think i saw any....
    halunfishie---hope this helps you feel less anxiety regarding your lp mahala.:heart: mine has been hanging fro two days now and it is loose as a goose already;).....well, not really, but it is def more saggy....:yes:
    mahala model 1.jpg mahala model 2.jpg mahala model 3.jpg ring model 1.jpg ring model 2.jpg
  2. look fabulous as usual :tup:
  3. m!!!! where ya been, pal? :shrugs:wow, have not seen you in ages...was gonna email you the pics.. glad you checked in;).....have a merry christmas!:heart:
  4. You look fabulous....the bags do too LOL! I think they look really good on you! I'm not so familiar with JC bags....but the bigger one looks really nice!
  5. Mick - you and your bags are HOT!!!
    WOW - looking good :tup::tup:
  6. I love the Mahala in the plum, because it's gorgeous on everyone but I gotta say the Ring really looks GREAT on you! The shape and the way it falls on your body is like it was made especially for you. Perfect:tup: :girlsigh:
  7. ^ do you have a ring, bella? thank you for the compliment, but that bag would look good on a linebacker after playing (and losing:p )the hugs the body and the leather is tidf.....amazing bag.....:love:

    twiggers--thanks for stopping by!:flowers: i lured you to chanel, maybe i can lure you to jimmy choo:graucho:.....( notice i don't come visit you in b bag land...i'd be a goner with the gorgy colors):nuts:

    lady chinadoll--thank you sweetie!:heart:
  8. Oh my, I love it as a Messenger!!! Jimmy Choo is 2 doors down from LV at my fave mall. Going to check it out when I go to visit Mahina today.

    Hope you're having fun wearing her!!!!
  9. thanks pal! :flowers:let me know about miss mahina:graucho:......check out jimmy choo too!:yes:
  10. Mick - the bags look wonderful on you, and so do you. :woohoo: I'm so glad you are loving them. Thank you for posting your pictures!
  11. Oh Mick :tender:

    You look even more Beautiful wearing Jimmy Choo Bags :wlae:

    I thought the Chanel bags looked great on you, but you could wear the Lilac Jimmy Choo paper Bags and make them look like a million bucks:nuts:

    I'm so glad you gave it a shot :yahoo: :yahoo:

    I love how you were able to get the Mahala to have the perfect amount of sagginess:graucho:
  12. Mick,
    Both you and the bags look gorgeous! The bags both fit you like a glove, they were meant to be fore you!!!:yahoo: Congratulations again on your JC bags!
  13. thanks jburgh!:heart:

    robyn--bf came over and saw miss mahala hanging with soup cans inside her in the closet and said " ok, i kinda get the loving of the bags and the caressing of the bags and the modeling and picture taking of the bags, but why is there a bag hanging in the closet with soup cans inside it? do we now road test our bags for durability? is this some sick tpf test you are running?" :roflmfao:
    i answered...." oh dear, the most beautiful are always the highest maintenance!":p
  14. thank you bonnie!!!!:love:
  15. OMG, that Mahala is gorgeous! They both look great on you! Congrats!