Modeling Pic with the Large Edith?

  1. I am thinking about going bigger on the Edith! I love the satchel size, but the shoulder option is calling me :p

    Any modeling pics to throw me over the edge?
    Pretty please :flowers::flowers:
  2. Thank you, Mona! I actually saw that one and am just not sure if she is a model (really tall, super thin), so I was hoping for more of a real person picture.

    Maybe none of the Chloe ladies own this one. No worries :smile:
  3. Here's some modeling pics. I'm 5'8. Also here's a pic with the large front pocket paddy for comparison. I love the large and it's hard for me to consider the classic size. It's huge though. But I love that it can go over the shoulder. Hope this helps.
    large edith.jpg frontpktedith.jpg
  4. looks good on you chinky....must be nice to be 5,8"!
  5. Sometimes it's nice. Other times it's hard. When you put on heels and you become close to 6ft it's hard. :shrugs:
  6. Never considered the large before, I always thought it was too big. But chinkyi it looks great on you:tup:.
  7. Thank You Chinkyi23! That is a great size for you.

    I am worried my arms might be fatter than yours. Do you have a lot of room when it goes over your shoulder or is it a tight squeeze?
  8. Thanks Ali W!

    kellykapoor: It's not a tight fit at all. It's very comfortable and I still have a little room. If I put it on my shoulder and stick my arm out to the side there's about an inch between my armpit and the zipper opening of the bag. Felt weird saying armpit but trying to give you a good picture. I'm about a size 10 on a good day and 12 on others.:girlsigh: Hope that helps.
  9. Whats the dimension for a large edith?? it looks massive but lovely, you really suit that size chinky
  10. I don't know the exact dimensions but back in May I bought the classic Edith satchel from BG & the Edith Bowler from NAP to compare the sizes & see which I would prefer size-wise.

    Everyone on the board told me I was crazy to use the bowling bag as my everyday bag...said they ordered theirs & ended up using it as luggage rather than an everyday bag. I actually preferred the larger size, BUT it just completely fell over before I could stuff would take tons to fill it & make it look the way it should so I unfortunately returned it.

    I believe the regular satchel is 11x15x5 & the bowler is 13x22x11. Hope that helps!!
  11. Thanks pekie! It is huge, but I love large bags.:yes: The dimensions are
    14"H x 20"W x 5"D.
  12. 22" - that is even bigger than large edith :p
  13. wow the edith is massive! think thats too big for me but i know what you mean..i only like it cause you can wear it on your shoulders! i have got my eye on a rouge edith on eBay....really want it....but i dont know if i get used to it in not wearing it on my shoulders!