Modeling pic of my Peyton Satchel...

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  1. Attached Files:

  2. THanx it looks gret on you!
  3. Love that bag!!!
  4. thanks coachgrl, looks great on u.can't wait till I get mine
  5. Wow, that's really pretty! I love it with your outfit!! Looks great on you!!!
  6. Oh wow! Gorgeous!:tup:
  7. Beautiful!!! It looks fantastic on you - I though it would be smaller for some reason. I love modeling pics for clarification. Enjoy ALL of your Peytons!
  8. that's a great bag too. you have great taste!
  9. I love the gunmetal, it is so unique and gorgeous!
  10. That is a stunning bag. It looks great on you!
  11. had to come back again, I though it was a smaller satchel but I am so happy it large satchel. thanks again Coachgrl.
  12. I like the gunmetal much more than I thought that I would, it's very neutral and matches alot in my wardrobe.
  13. I am seriously considering the peyton since I have returned enough junk I bought lately that I didn't need to practically buy one outright with PCE.

    I just wanted to know if you wear this bag on your shoulder comfortably? I know you took the pic this way but have you gone out and worn it on your shoulder for any length of time?

    I know it can be worn as a satchel but I need to be able to have it on the shoulder as well.. Got the kiddos so satchels are not my first choice.. but if it is like the ergo. I can put that one on my shoulder just fine.
  14. yay!!!!!!!! finally a modelling picture of the peyton!
    the bag looks great on you! :tup:
    may i know your height? coz im only 5'2 and afraid
    that it will be too big on me..thanks!
  15. That bag looks fabulous on you; it is really pretty!