modeling pic of my new sandstone weekender

  1. Here I am with my new weekender!!:yes:
    kaitlyns camera 164.jpg
  2. Goregouse girl! How tall are you? I love the weekender, but worry that the size will over power me. I love your little sweetie in the pic too. Now hand over your bubblegum city : ) Just kidding!
  3. thanks - I'm 5'5" :smile:
  4. That color is really growing on me - beautiful!
  5. gorgeous!! i really do love your sandstone weekender..congrats!!
  6. OMG!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE:heart: LOVE:heart: LOVE:heart: it!!!!!! It looks FABULOUS on you!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. You are totallying rocking that bag! Gorgeous Sanstone!
  8. Congrats, it looks great on you!
  9. LOVE it!!!!!! AMAZING!:drool:
  10. thanks, guys!!!! ya'll are so sweet.
  11. handsome bag and handsome little boy there, too! :smile:
  12. It looks fantastic on you :yahoo: and your little guy is so cute.:p Congrats.:yahoo:
  13. i'm loving your sandstone looks amazing on you! the more i see sandstone, the more i like the color. :yes:
  14. It's beautiful, congratulations!
  15. what a beauty! congrats:yahoo: