modeling pic of large white rock & chain hobo

  1. ok, so i'm pretty petite. about 1'4" and 8 lbs. :p

  2. Adorable! She rocks that bag!:p
  3. awwww, so cute! lil kittie...the white hobo is so pretty
  4. That is hilarious- yes, you are very petite lol!

    Beautiful bag- Congratulations!
  5. That bag looks fabulous in white!!!! :heart:
  6. Most fashionable kitty in town! Love it!!
  7. awww sooo cute. lovely bag.
  8. ROFL!!!!!!!SO CUTE!!NOW U model too!!!
  9. omg! that is the most adorable picture ever... one of the best modeling pics i've seen so far. hehe!
  10. So pretty! You carry that bag in style, lol :love:
  11. That was too cute. LOL!
  12. awww hahaha what a cute lil kitty!...and gorgeous bag!
  13. awww!! what a little diva. LOL!
  14. lol! that's cute!!and great bag too ;)
  15. What a good little kitty - mine would scratch my eyes out! That bag looks so glamorous in white! Congrats!!