Modeling pic of Bordeaux/Aubergine Zoe

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  1. I'm sorry for the flash and the streaky mirror. :shame:

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  2. Super cute, great color, congrats! :tup:
  3. That is GORGEOUS!
    It's a toss up for me between that one and the black one-- all because of the silver hardware.

    Good choice!
  4. Looks great! :tup:
  5. It looks beautiful on you!
  6. Love the color of your Zoe!! :tup:
  7. I saw this at the boutique today. It is absolutely stunning! Looks great on you!
  8. The color is gorgeous.
  9. That is really gorgeous. I'm thinking that I really want a Zoe now in that color combo! Super pretty!
  10. O-M-G, it looks great on you! And that was the bag I keep fondling while at the boutique and Macy's today, it is absolutely gorgeous. And the color looks even richer IRL... congrats!
  11. Such a lovely color and it looks fabulous on you. :tup:
  12. Thanks everyone! I wore her out today and felt like a princess. :heart:
  13. Love the color. I saw it at the boutique today, and they told me it only comes in one size. But, the website has a larger one, which is what I would want.
  14. Ooooooo I like that one even though I have been moving away from siggy stuff.
    Congrats on your new bag! Looks great on you!
  15. I love this color! I'm so getting this color in either the medium or a pouch! Congrats on your Zoe!!