Modeling Photos of the Box?

  1. Trying to find my perfect sized bag and for some reason whenever I type in "box" in search in the Bbag forum it says nothing is found! I'm confused and I KNOW there are pics around here of you gals modeling your Box's so could someone help a girl out?? =) I need to see how it looks on the shoulder. Is it too bulky? It looks like a great style! THANKS SO MUCH!
  2. Here's a pic of me with a pretty Sapin Box:

  3. so cute, I want a box.

  4. I second that!

    Love the Box. Will try to post pics soon...

    btw - RDC "C" You rock that Box, you know you do!
  5. Here is my thread from when i first got my box: Meet Miss Black Box ... And I shot a couple new ones.

    Hope they help! I love my Box, although it stopped being my everyday bag after I got my City. But the Box is surprisingly roomy and the longer shoulder strap is a nice perk.
    DSC_10897.jpg DSC_10899.jpg DSC_10903.jpg
  6. here is an old photo of me carrying my cornflower box HTH!
  7. Here's me with my ink box. :heart: this bag!

  8. Wow thanks girls!!!!! I got my cornflower box in the mail today and oh my GOD it fits everythign PERFECTLY! The first was too small, the City too big, this is perfect! Not sold on the Cornflower really BUT the style is SOO YUMMY~~ I'll post pics tonight!
  9. Yippy, Candy! Look forward to seeing the pics ;o)

    Thanks, RERE, the Box is a really nice shape, I should have kept my Pale Rose one.

    All you girls look FABULOUS with your Boxes :hubba::hubba:
  10. I would love to have a Box......too bad they discontinued it.
  12. Looks like the perfect size to me too... *wishes it wasn't discontinued* :sad:
  13. I really do wish I didn't work in a male dominated environment.

    Ladies you do all look fabulous with this particular style of BBag :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: