Modeling my new pony tail scarf!

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  1. So these are from my birthday dinner last night and I thought I would share my adorable scarf!

    What other ways do you wear your ponytail scarves?

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  2. Cute!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't wear them in my hair but I put them on my daughter in the same way you had yours on and they look great!

    You are a lovely girl!
  3. Thanks Voodoo! I'm interested in hearing how others wear theres...always looking for cute ideas!
  4. That scarf looks so cute on you! I just put mine on my bags. I'm rather hair accessories challenged!
  5. ^Lol. All of my bags are signature so I'm not sure if I tied this on my bag if it would be too much signature going on.
  6. So cute, you wear it well!

    Happy Birthday!
  7. that scarf looks super cute on you! :tup:
  8. i love that scarf!!! i'd do the headband thing too.. I have one of those plastic headbands with the holes in it, so it doesnt slip off... otherwise, i'd just tie it to a bag...

    very cute tho!! :tup:
  9. cute! I especially love it with the sombrero :P I have worn mine around my hair like yours when my hair is down, you can also thread it through a headband that has the holes in it, or wrap it around a true ponytail. :tup: Happy Birthday!
  10. Super cute! I have yet to wear one in my hair!
  11. MMM margaritas...

    Looks cute!
  12. so cute !
  13. Thanks ladies!
  14. i've tried that look and failed.. haha

    so cute on you though. looks like you had fun on your birthday!
  15. It is so cute! I love it. I have tried to wear them in my hair like that before, but they always fall do you keep them in your hair?:confused1: