Modeling Interview... should I carry a LV??

  1. I have an interview with a modeling agency tomorrow and all that I ever carry is LV. I don't want to be too flashy and in your face, but at the same time, I want to be fashion conscious and trendy. I'm 20, I dress pretty conservative, but I'm so not conservative when it comes to handbags... here are my options:

    -Green Perfo Speedy
    -Monogram Batignolles Horizontal
    -Blue Globe Shopper MM
    -White MC Lodge PM-- also have a white MC belt I could wear
    -LV Cup Antigua Cabas MM
    -Monogram Pochette Bosphore
    -Red Epi Passy

    I've been carrying my Antigua for awhile but recently switched to my BH and I am so in love with it, but my bf thinks it's too big on me (5'5" 120#) but I don't really care!! lol

    And what kind of outfit should I wear? Like a cute little sundress or some Sevens and a tank/halter?? I'm completely clueless!! Help!!
  2. I would go with Sevens/sleek tank and the red epi, understated:smile:
  3. I think you should take the red Epi Passy. Simple yet classy.
  4. Here here for the epi passy!! Good luck!!
  5. I would for sure carry a LV, I would assume they will be looking at YOU and your style. GOOD LUCK! I hope it goes well!
  6. I say the red epi passy as well!! Good luck!
  7. Epi for sure, you want to be understated in your approach. Good luck!
  8. Another vote for Red Epi Passy... Very understated and classy.
  9. yes epi get my vote =P it is simple but very classy ~
  10. Red Passey!!!
    A confidence color in a business type bag!
  11. Don't be afraid to carry your LV and show your good style. I used to work at a modelling agency and style was one of the things that the agents looked at, aside from good pictures of course. I agree with the others about the red epi passy. I think jeans should be ok as long as they are nice and not too casual of a wash.
  12. The red epi passy sounds perfect! Love your collection btw...:tup:
  13. Use the red Epi Passy.
  14. Red Passy!
  15. Rock the sevens and a tank and the green perfo speedy. Oh and be sure to wear some chic shoes!