Modeling Dentelle BH

  1. Hi Everyone, :heart:

    I had never modelled my BH before, so thought I'd be a ham...;)

    I really haven't used her that much, cause I've been going more for super summery stuff like white mc noe, etc.

    But, know I am gonna use my BH for many many years to come...

    Here she is! I love this bag:yahoo:

    Oh, and my Hermes belt I bought this summer at Ala Moana, I ADORE this belt, might be my first and only piece of Hermes... such a label
    Post 1 Dentelle.jpg Post 2 dentelle.jpg Post 3 dentelle.jpg
  2. hehehe...........Vee, it looks hot!

  3. Cute, thanks for sharing!
  4. Thanks girl! Sooo, you're finally gonna be 13, October 7? Guess what! My bday is October 1, and I'm not tellin:rolleyes:

    Happy Bday sweetie! In October that is...
  5. OMG, I AM SOOO JEALOUS! ! ! Your Dentelle BH is gorgeous. :drool: :drool::drool:

    Right now I'm dying, waiting for the call from my SA that the DBH I had transferred has arrived. Now I'm even more excited about getting it.

    BTW, is that gold or silver?
  6. It looks great on you! That bag is just fab!!! :supacool:

  7. teehee............

    yes :smile:

    october babies rock :smile:
  8. Thanks John and Sugarcookie! Grrl!!! Sooo glad you're getting this BAG!!! Mine is silver... I ordered pochette wallet back in Feb and ordered gold, but got silver, didn't want to return it, so kept it, (a little bummed); but, when I went to Hawaii this summer they actually still had this bag in silver, so the Dentelle gods were looking out for me!! (haha) really, gold is stunning too! So, whatever you're getting congrats to you girl! HOORAY!

    Puhlllease model when that baby arrives!
  9. What a gorgeous bag and Hermes belt!!! That's probably all I could afford is one of thier belts! Haha!! ;)
  10. ^^ def Icechick is the Hermes goddess, Oh, I bought one of the bracelets in Las Vegas, but that's it for me... for about 10 years

    They SAY.... once you go to H. you never look back, I can't go that route....:nogood:
  11. Great bag....thanks for sharing pics!
  12. I love your bag, too.
    I wish they made more bags in dentelle....
  13. so cute, congrats.
  14. Very nice! Congrats!!
  15. I love dentelle. Wasn't a fan until I saw it IRL. Congrats on a fab bag.