Modeling / Capacity pics of my new Cyclamen Evelyne GM!

  1. As you may have read in my previous post, my awesome SA let me exchange my Evelyne PM yesterday even though I bought it on May 11th!

    I am so glad I got it exchanged! :yahoo: The GM holds so much more and suits my needs! The PM was way too small.

    In all the pics I took, the GM had stuff inside.

    Here are some modeling pics. Excuse the mess on the bed, this is the guest room that is just used for clothes storage:

    Here is the GM by itself:

    Here is the inside:

    And here is what was inside:

    LV Red Epi Pochette, LV Cerises Cles with keys attached, Digital Camera, Bottle of water, Kleenex, tube of Vaseline, Cell phone, Coach Wallet
  2. Looks GREAT on you! I absolutely love the color :nuts: Congrats!!!
  3. Dear Ms. A:

    HONESTLY, with that great body, both PM and GM look wonderful on you!!!

    But, if for practical, GM would service the purpose!!!
  4. Great thread, arnott, this is always useful information for future shoppers....

    I want to try a side by side....
    Let me see if this works....

    cyclPM.jpg cyclGM.jpg
  5. ^^well almost....i tried to get them the same size exactly, but anyway, great bag!!!!
  6. Very nice!!!
  7. This Evelyne look fantastic on you... Fantastic you still were able to change to this one... what a great service !!!!

  8. Oh, I'm so glad you were able to get the GM. I know you were so unhappy before. I have the PM and have a ton of stuff in it but everyone is different in that regard. And I'm so glad you're happy!! Yea!!
  9. It looks wonderful on you...the color is gorgeous. I tried the Evelyne and it just wasn't me. I wanted to like it on me but it didn't look right. I did find the trim though :p:flowers:
  10. Looks FABULOUS on you!!!:tup: Glad to hear you are happy with the GM!
  11. beautiful!! perfect on you! and you have a great SA!!
  12. You are very lucky to get back cyclamen!
  13. That GM looks great on you.....glad it's working out ok.
  14. That color is AMAZING!!! Congrats on the new bag!